Double Trouble and a Wandering Eye

The smoking door receded over Tim’s shoulder as he left Pierre's and tried to gather himself. He couldn’t tell if his stomach ached from the red-dressed dream woman’s Heimlich or from the hunger that drove him to find her. He wondered where to start searching and felt unsure of reality, scared that he might actually have…Read more Double Trouble and a Wandering Eye

Nights That Rumble

A naive image prances out from the shadows of Mark’s mind glazing over the familiar chaos next door: *** The wife and husband dress up for their night. He puts on a luchador mask, tapes his wrists, strains into neon-green, spandex pants, and laces up his matching calf-high boots. She massages baby oil onto his broad, tan chest.…Read more Nights That Rumble

The Purifying Waters of St. Valentine

My Bloody Valentine screeches on my phone alarm. Before drinking myself to sleep last night, I set it as a joke. I don’t really like them, so I hit the scratchy, dreamy guitars until they stop. I open my eyes to an explosive mess. Clothes and empty food boxes litter my bedroom. I’ve tried to…Read more The Purifying Waters of St. Valentine