Toeing the Writing Line

‘If writing doesn’t consume your life, you’re not doing it right.’ I doubt this is an actual quote, but the line keeps repeating, droning in my mind. Writing on a blog for an audience greater than one has consumed lots of my leisure time. It’s what I wanted, yes. But I am preoccupied with writing…Read more Toeing the Writing Line

Sinnin’ Ain’t Easy

New Orleans’s spiritual journey into decadence culminated with Mardi Gras this past Tuesday. In and around New Orleans, 66 parades shut down the city on 13 days of merriment over almost two months. Along each parade route, hundreds of thousands flooded the streets, communing, drinking, and catching Krewe-specific “throws” tossed at natives, transplants and tourists…Read more Sinnin’ Ain’t Easy