“No family is safe when I sashay!” – Perfume Genius 

My life as a night walker has turned everything as bleak as a dying cathode ray tube.  Every thought I have is in a lyrical form, but without the energy to produce the work that these creative awakenings deserve. Long drives and a lot of alone time is like dreaming while you are awake. It’s almost good, but churns out crap ideas. Ideas that don’t look as good away from the shadows. 

As a kid, while watching the Clash of the Titans (the original from the 80’s) I’d noticed my index finger for the first time and how unique it was. I could throw a boulder over a mountain with my right index finger that day, but I didn’t cause I’m lazy. These are the types of things an only child thinks about. These are the types of things that the emotionally retarded, yet creative, think about when there is no outlet for that energy, when the only people you deal with every day have the creativity of a linebacker who likes to fish. 

Tonight, I go see what it’s like to live out your creativity. I go to see people grasping for applause from plant workers in the Deep South.  I go to be jealous of the players and their audience. One for having the guts to live out their creativity and the other for not having to deal with all of the baggage that comes with being creative. 


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