The Telescope


Dave was a novice when it came to using his new telescope, but he was smart enough to know that the Earth only had one moon. Last night, he dismissed a strange phenomena to the fact that he’d drunk a little too much wine. He’d retired early and had no dreams. He went about his day and work, spoke to his wife while watching television, and did all of his normal activities without thinking about the bizarre occurrence he’d had with the telescope the night before.

After the family had gone to bed, Dave went to the back patio where the telescope stood on its three legs, beckoning him to hurry up as if it had an urgent message. He peered downward into its eye without anxiety. There was the moon, there’s Mars…panning across the horizon, another moon. It seemed to be a smaller moon reflecting a color that he’d never seen before.

Dave could not see this second moon with his naked eye, so he traversed back and forth between the two moons to make sure that the telescope wasn’t simply mirroring the only moon he’d ever known by some glitch. He stayed outside until three in the morning researching this first on his phone and then on his laptop. No one had reported the phenomena outside of Science Fiction.

He floated to his kitchen, his thoughts in otherworldly places, and grabbed a beer from his refrigerator. He sat on the couch in his darkened living room and sipped his beer in a daze. He was alerted by a sharp knock on his front screen door. He looked at the clock as he tried to regain his senses, but couldn’t make out the time. A bright light shone through the windows and doors in the back of the house and then went out. The knocking continued, gaining in its frequency and volume. He didn’t want to answer it, but he also wanted to end the fear by answering it, hoping relief would come when he saw that it was just some teenagers in the neighborhood.

He walked to the shaking door hoping for the best. As he opened the door just a crack, a long gray hand with oddly shaped fingers grabbed the door before he could close it back. With a great strength, the hand pulled the door wide revealing  a thin, tall body with soulless black eyes. Its left hand held Dave’s telescope. It pointed at the telescope and then at Dave. Dave knew what was coming so he turned to run from the doorway, but was struck on the back of the head.

Everything went black for a moment. He turned his body as he scrambled across the ground, still trying to get away. The grotesquely shaped being slammed the telescope back down, this time into Dave’s forehead.

Hours later, Dave woke up in his foyer with his head throbbing, his door once again in its closed position, and his telescope in shambles beside him. He didn’t know how all of this occurred without anyone in his family hearing the commotion. He quietly picked up the pieces of his telescope and put them in a trash bag. The message had been delivered.

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