The Comforter

Little Pete is a busy angel. His job was much easier when only natural sounds endured. The days have almost left this earth when he can calm a person’s soul with the sound of a thunderstorm or an owl hooting in a remote part of the woods. Now, when someone is alone with their somber thoughts, he must take into account the consoling sounds of an old television show or the white noise of a floor fan. You see, Little Pete was given one of the most important jobs an angel can have – the job of connecting people to sound. Let us not forget that the only reason anything exist is because it was spoken into being.

Little Pete is current on nostalgia. Most of the comfort that comes from white noise is nostalgic. Even a baby is comforted when presented with the sounds that she heard in the womb.  When forty-five year old men are having a bad day, sometimes the most beautiful sound to their ears is not only the laughter of their children (as in times past), but that laughter mixed with the sounds of Atari’s Frogger simultaneously. When a woman in her mid thirties has experienced a bad breakup, Little Pete has adjusted to playing the Saved by the Bell theme song in the background, ever so lowly and distant. These are the ways that mortals have changed his function. Of course, all sounds have always existed. The human brain has made associations between the good and bad ever since Eden. To this day, their minds are weeding out the bad. Lucky for Pete, he is in charge of distributing the pleasurable aspects of sound. The jarring and miserable noises you hear are from those that are a rebellious sort. I’m sure you’ve read about them before.

Little Pete has impeccable taste. If you’re ever lucky enough to get a glimpse of him in his suit you will see what I mean. Sound is quite powerful when it comes to style, so Little Pete uses these things for our sake. When you’re feeling down and you hear a sound that soothes your soul, look to the corners of the room. If you have a chair in the corner, that’s most likely where he’ll be for he’s realized that sitting there with his legs crossed and his right hand up to his ear, as if he is about to snap his fingers, is an aesthetically pleasing sight to humans. He will be the one with flaxen hair, eyebrows so light they’re almost non-existent, and wearing the pastel colors.  If you see dark colored clothing and amber hair you’ve probably just heard some horrifying tumult.

Little Pete likes what you like. You like the sound of a plane flying overhead while you’re snug in your bed? Thank Pete. You like the ambient sounds and echoes of people walking and mumbling through malls and museums? Thank Pete. You like the the sound of a lawn mower in the distance, the  hum of the mosquito truck going street by street in the middle of the night, or the big band noise of a wrong answer on the Price is Right? Thank Pete. That sound of the Enterprise’s engine humming while they’re going about their activities in every episode of Star Trek – there’s a reason for that. Thank Pete.

Little Pete doesn’t do music. Well, it’s not that he doesn’t do music at all. He does it more as a white noise. Like a low volume comfort. Never in the overtly emotional way that humans like to use music. For instance, the theme song to a television show, video game music (without lyrics and only for nostalgic effect), or even carnival, fair ground type music is often used by Little Pete, but hardly ever would a Beatles’ tune be used. These types of music may give energy, but usually only bring those who are down even lower.

Little Pete will be happy to meet you. It will be his pleasure to alleviate you of all trouble in the afterlife. He’s very excited to introduce people to all of the sounds that they couldn’t hear in their old bodies. The comfort that these new sounds bring far surpass any type of manipulating that he’s able to do in this dimension. The sounds that you will rest by in the afterlife will make the hum of air conditioning seem as but a small thing.

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